Monday, July 31, 2017

Portugal (3) Sevilla

During the firs week of our stay in Portugal, we went on the all day trip to Sevilla. It took four hours with bus to reach that beautiful city, which is the capital of the autonomus community of  Andalusia. If you are in Sevilla you simply must visit the probably largest Cathedral in the world, which we did of course. In the direct neighborhood there is also the great Alcazar Palace Complex. The tour was organized by our travel agency Apollo.

(Polish) Nastepny wpis bedzie poswiecony wylacznie tej wspanialej i olbrzymiej katedrze w Sevilla.

Tram in Sevilla

The part of the Cathedral with its highest tower.
Ta wieza widoczna na zdjeciu, to najwyzsza czesc katedry.

Around the Cathedral, there are many narrow and picturesque streets.

This cat knows what's good. 

Mailbox in the post office building in Sevilla.

Giant tree in the park situated in  the center of Sevilla.


Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Portugal (2)

In this post even more pics from Portimao, there we spent our vacation. On the picture above you can see a part of our pool.

Rocky coastline with beautiful beaches.

Isabella on the beach.

Giant seagulls where everywhere.

Picturesque abandoned cottage in Portimao.

Fortune-teller (I suppose she made a lot of money, as most paid 1 euro). 

Sunset in Portimao

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Portugal (1)

This logo on the photo above reveals, where we've spent our vacation this year. That's right - in Portugal! However, we made even a point of visiting  Spain  (Sevilla) during our first week. In Portugal, we stayed in a very nice turist town Portimao, located in the west part of Algarve.
We went also twice on a full-day trips first to Sevilla (Spain) and the next week to the capitol of Portugal - Lisabon.

(Polish) Po polsku dodam jeszcze, ze do Portugalii odlatywalismy z lotniska w Kastrup (Kopenhaga) samolotem typu Airbus A320. Lot trwal 3.40h, a w Portugalii byla zmiana czasu o 1 godzine do tylu. W drodze powrotnej kapitanem samolotu byla kobieta.


Accidentally met and photographed by me, new married couple on the beach.

Me with Marilyn Monroe.

Our hotel